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About Community Service Help

With the help and dedication of our charity partners, San Diego Community Service was created to help people in need of a more feasible outlet for their court ordered community service. Through our educational program we have managed to help thousands of people from San Diego communities improve their lives and get their court ordered community service completed in a way that doesn't disrupt their lives.

Crime rates in our communities are directly correlated to the education level of those same communities. San Diego communities with lower education rates have significantly higher crime rates. Traditional community service takes a negative approach, positioning the community service as a punishment. Our program serves to use education as a positive rehabilitative approach to community service. By educating those who have made mistakes, they become statistically less likely to commit another crime, therefor, making their communities a safer place and improving the lives of the people in it.

San Diego Community Service has inspired many of our clients to not only become better members of society, but to go back to college and expand their mind. Giving people hope and focus allows them to walk a more riotous path and stay away from trouble.

Along with our charity partners, San Diego Community Service is making our world a smarter, safer and better place.

We Will Save You Money

In today's economy you need to save as much money as you can. Did you know that doing community service the traditional way might not cost you anything up front, but can end up costing you thousands of dollars! That's money that you should be using to take care of your family. Miguel was ordered to complete 100 hours of San Diego court ordered community service. After he did the math, he quickly realized that he would be spending well over $2,000 in missed work, gas, and a babysitter to take care of his daughter. That was money he was tucking away for her future college education!

There is a happy ending to our story! Miguel contacted us and we were able to instantly place him with the required 501(c)3 non profit he needed, and his sponsor let him complete his community service online from home! He was able to take care of his daughter, keep his job, and saved thousands of dollars!

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